Saturday, November 26, 2011

Who is choosing the winners and losers?

The GOP is fond of saying the government shouldn't be choosing winners and losers in the economy.

I agree with the theory - but not the actual practice.

A dollar of income should be a dollar of income - whether you spend 8 hours on a roof nailing shingles under the hot sun, or walking around the golf course as your daddy's money works for you. 

But that's not the way it works.  If you're walking around the golf course earning capital gains on your investments, you get taxed at a lower rate than someone behind a desk, on a tractor, or building a business.

The GOP has chosen the winners.

Those that have inherited money are the big winners in the GOP scheme.  Those that manage to build their own fortune come in a close second.  For example, Bill Gates had to pay a lot of income tax to get to the point where he doesn't pay much, whereas the Koch brothers are riding on daddy Koch's coat tails.

So if you weren't born into the right family or you with the right smarts and entrepreneurial skills - then you are the loser and get to pay higher tax rates.

So let's get government out of choosing the winners and losers...
Tax capital gains and dividends as ordinary income.


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