Saturday, December 19, 2009

I couldn't have said it clearer...

"I am always willing to run some hazard of being tedious, in order to be sure that I am perspicuous; and, after taking the utmost pains that I can to be perspicuous, some obscurity may still appear to remain upon a subject, in its own nature extremely abstracted."
--Adam Smith, in "Wealth of Nations"

By the way - I had to look up "perspicuous"
It's pronounced sort of like "pr-spk-yus" .

Here's a more modern translation

I'm always willing to risk being boring so that I'm clear. If things still aren't clear, then its because the subject is extremely complicated.

Got to love that subtle jab from old Adam - if you can't understand me, its not my fault - it's probably just too difficult for you!

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