Sunday, October 4, 2009

Airport Lessons Learned

1.  Before you check your bag, kiss it goodbye.  It may be a long time before you see it again.

2.  If any flight in your itinerary is late, early, lands when it is raining or simply rolls the dice wrong, assume that your bag will not make the transfer.

3.  If you miss a flight, your bag is gone.

4.  Never leave the secure area in search of a bag when you've missed a flight.

5.  If a gate agent tells you to go to baggage claim to get your bag for rebooking, refer to Rule 4.  Stay in security and assume your bag will meet you sometime in the next week or so after you return home.

6.  Don't bother talking to anyone about your bag.  They don't know anything and can't find out anything.  Just wait until you make it to your destination without a bag and file a claim. Anything you do before you're at your final destination is wasted energy.


Mike Callen said...

The first rule of Bag Club is you don't talk about Bag Club.

Anonymous said...

Are you using 'bag' as a euphemism?

Anonymous said...

The second rule of the Bag Club is that you don't talk about euphemisms.