Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't like it? Leave!

Just a suggestion for replacing "Don't ask, don't tell," you get the same sort of catchy rhythm with "Don't like it? Leave!" As a policy, we could simply allow anyone who doesn't like serving in the military with gays to take an administrative separation - after all what's good for the gay goose...  I'll bet we'd only lose a few cranky officers and perhaps some of the more red-neck enlisted men.  I suspect the military would actually be better off.

I've never quite been able to figure out the problem that gays are supposed to cause. Is it all because guys can't handle being hit on?  In my 20's, I got hit on by gay men aboard ship, on an oil rig, and in a number of bars. Interesting thing was I just said "Sorry, I'm straight" and I was left alone. I was never harassed, or pursued, or told "try it you'll like it." How many women can say that about the guys that hit on them? Gay women have horror stories about men that won't leave them alone - men who are sure they can "convert" a gay woman if she'll only try them. Are these the same guys that can't handle being hit on by gay men?

I find it both appalling and humorous that some military men can't handle what every woman (not just those in the military) has dealt with from an early age.

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