Saturday, October 24, 2009

My socialist day

I had a socialist day. Breakfast cereal from subsidized farmers. Kids off to socialist school in their socialist school bus. Drove to work on roads paid by socialist taxes. But I wasn't speeding when the socialist-paid police car went by. Fortunately, I didn't have to call out the socialist fire department or EMS. Talked to my mom, who's on social security and went to see her Doc on socialist medicare. I also read some about our socialist military that is protecting us. I picked up our mail, but since the US Postal Service is no longer subsidized, this was actually a non-socialist moment. I  paid the socialist power bill to our city power company (some of the cheapest rates around), and the socialist water bill. Don't you just wish we could privatize it all and make it work so much better (like Wall Street)? I sure would rather be paying my water and power bill to a private company. Just think of how much better it would be if Time-Warner or a telephone company had those local provider monopolies. Socialism is such a bad word and such an evil concept, that anything socialist must be dumped!

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