Sunday, June 5, 2011

6th grade predictions

Back in Mr Eerkes class (6th grade), one of our writing assignments was to predict the future. We wrote one line about each person in the class, then we cut up the paper and traded predictions. Here's the predictions about me that I found in an old envelope:

An all pro on the piano and another Dr. Jeckle. (Bruce)

Is a scientist & still like to wear the hat he wore 26 years ago. (Teresa R)

Is a computer deisioner (Kellie)

Poses nude for mechanics illustrated. (TH)

A mad scientist in Sedro Woolly (Jenny)

A lawyer (Pete)

Five-O cop (Robert)

Scintist of the Air Force and now desinging a new rocket (unsigned)

A genious Professer (unsigned)

Owns a funeral chapel and a run down grave yard (Jeff Baker)

A Olympic Judge (unsigned)

Photographer for playboy. (Cary)

An exellant Naval air base scientist. (unsigned)

Becomes an architec. (unsigned)

Scientist at a newly built rocket base on Whidbey Island. (unsigned)

A proffer in Scince (Saimi)

Playboy and an actor that took Rock Hudsons place. (unsigned)

Bionic Man Doc. (unsigned)

Is a writer of a dictionary (Libbey)

Is on a Coast Guard cutter down in San Francisco. He is a pilot of a chopper on board the cutter (me)


ChiefA said...

I guess they got the mad scientist right.... : -)

Em Manson said...

Love it!